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SEO is about making your website appear on search engines before the websites of your competitors. Results measurable We install the statistical software Google Analytics and make it available to you. This means that the success of our efforts can always be measured. Optimise individual pages If you have an existing website which isn’t optimised to list pages individually on the search engines, we can re-develop that part of your application to achieve this. High demand, low competition We research the keywords and phrases that lots of people search for, but which few competitors are optimised for. Copy rewriting We have experience in writing copy, allowing us to enhance reading experience and usability while adding links to boost your performance.

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Web Hosting We acknowledge web hosting as an unfortunate complication. we keep our solution very simple, with just a High and a Low package. > Services > Web Hosting Services E-commerce websites Intranet and Extranet solutions Personal organisation Search Engine Optimisation Websites Web Hosting High Owners of websites which get unpredictable periods of large data transfer can rest in the knowledge that our unlimited ‘High’ package will not let them down. Price: $100 per year Contact us for details. Low (most common) Most websites will need this package to start with. Features are unlimited, however if data transfer begins to spike an upgrade will be required. Price: $60 per year

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Invest in an e-commerce website and it will repay you generously. Once established, e-commerce applications are cheap to maintain while growing more powerful every day. Consider that each product that you add is optimised to stand alone on the search engines – the more that you invest in your online store the more established you become. The result: search engine users find exactly the product they want in the form of a direct link to the product page on your website. Below we highlight some of the key reasons why e-commerce applications produced by Spitfire Web Solutions are successful. > Services > E-commerce Services E-commerce Intranet and Extranet solutions Personal organisation Search Engine Optimisation Websites Web Hosting We cater for all sizes Regardless of the quantity of sales, or the size of your product – we can meet your requirements. Optimise individual products Our e-commerce applications are optimised to ensure that search engines recognise each individual product within your database.

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What we can provide and the difference it can make •A website that encourages visitors to get in contact •Customers that may otherwise have been taken by your competition. •A logo that creates the right impression •Small portfolio? Avoid losing business because of neglected business identity. •E-mail for everyone in your company. This looks much more professional than using free e-mail accounts. •Business cards •Never be caught without one and never be ashamed to hand it over again! •Cheap, reliable web hosting •80% of customers pay no more than $50 for our hosting service.

Online ordering facilities •Websites are ridiculously cheap to maintain and we have a payment solution for everyone. •Small business identity examples Online sales •Very cheap Paypal or Google Checkout shopping carts •Perfect if you have a low budget. •A bespoke solution powered by SAGEpay •Designed to meet your needs. Manage and review orders with a custom-designed content management system. Perform refunds, partial charging, print invoices and whatever else you need to help your internal administration. •Total control of all products, special offers and categorization •Save costs by maintaining the website yourself

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