Microsoft to Boost Minecraft Experience Soon

To cater to the overwhelming demands of gamers to have better gameplay and interface, Microsoft revealed that it would release a new patch for Minecraft next year. 

According to the creative head of Minecraft Saxs Persson, they will be injecting an advanced graphics configuration to Minecraft that will surely bring the players to a better game experience. Instead of the typical visual register, the new patch would make this block-based game realistic.  In fact, the latest upgrade will not only refine the plain view of every block, but it will also add shadow, luster, and a sort of holographic effects to the game.

However, Persson clarified that not all operating systems are capable of running the Minecraft patch.

He said that for a computer to load the recent Minecraft upgrade, it must have Windows 10 OS or higher.

In terms of the hardware requirements, he informed the press that for a computer to run the patch, it must be equipped with an Nvidia RTX video card.

Based on Microsoft’s press release, the Nvidia RTX graphics card is a must since it is the only expansion card that’s capable of ‘ray tracing’ which is vital in processing and redefining the game’s lighting. The so-called ‘ray tracing’ makes all the visuals in the game realistic. Persson stressed that all the improvements that they are currently doing in the game have something to do with light and some digital photon tweaks.

Persson admitted that the price of the Nvidia RTX is not so affordable. However, if you are looking for the better game experience, you would always find the price of this advanced video card as a reasonable one. Based on the current market price, the Nvidia RTX cost around 360 USD.  

This graphics enhancement is deemed to be the first major Minecraft overhaul after Microsoft purchased the game in 2014.

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